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Grow Your Biz Networks

Local Steps, Global Strides.

Become an early adopter of India's first BlockChain Powered Networking Platform*

Hello, I’m Sanjeev, and I’m an avid, true blue networker.

Over the past 5 years, I have been associated with a huge number of institutions, groups and bodies, to learn more about best practices, people, relationships and businesses. I have met over 1000 new people in this time.

The platform I am setting up with you as one of its early adopters, will be grown over time to a block-chain system. This essentially means that over time, YOU and so many others will be the owners of the system by simply participating more, thereby growing your own value and status in the system.

Come, sign up as an early adopter on ThePeopleVillage. Meet a whole world of businesses, professionals, consultants, all like you –  to help, mentor and guide each other grow business. Scroll on for more...

Sanjeev Sarma

Villager, ThePeopleVillage

Before you sign up...

We want people on the system to be both active as well as useful to other members on ThePeopleVillage.

We will carefully curate all applications to ensure that our fitment norms are met.

We am looking for the following people only to join the network:

1. Business Owners with at least a year in business
2. Working Professionals with at least 3 years of work experience in any industry
3. Consultants from any domain pertaining to business growth and enhancement
4. Business Coaches focused on entrepreneurs, CEOs and the like.
5. Freelancers with at least 5 years of experience in any organization prior to their starting freelance work.

Should you belong to any of the above five criteria, you are welcome to join ThePeopleVillage. 

We shall accept or reject applications based on above, as well as other parameters that are shared in the application form. The final rights to accept or reject, depends totally on us, only.

We have identified Telegram as the platform of choice to start this network around. You must have telegram downloaded, installed on your phone/laptop and a username made available to us, for you to participate in this network. 

If you are for any reason not comfortable using Telegram, please do not apply.

Telegram works on Android as well as iOS, and can be downloaded for free from their respective play / app stores

This network will be totally curated for people and for content and we will not allow irrelevant posts or spam on various groups we will setup for this purpose

We will have automation engines tracking activities on the platforms we set up, and will have rules for engagement that will ensure that we minimize spamming or excessive promotions and so on. 

The more your participate, the more our block-chain parameters become clear, and the faster we move into a system where we can start transferring ownership to the most active and vibrant members.

You are of course, also requested to please follow rules that may be laid out from time to time by the network managers. 

TPV will be charging a nominal Rs. 2000 per member per year for being a part of this network, as early adopter.

This amount will go largely towards the following;

1. Screening and curation of new member applications who will be added to the system.

2. Marketing the platform to grow pool of members who will add value to the platform

3. Salaries and related costs of team and operations that will be monitoring engagement on the Telegram platform

This membership fee is non-refundable under any circumstances, and applies only for a year from the date you are added into the system. Membership Fees may change from time to time, and it is your right and prerogative to continue at fees existing and presented to you at the time of your renewal.

This networking platform is built to help people meet each other. It is not a guarantee for business, or a get quick rich or an MLM platform. This platform exists to get together people to interact only, and does not guarantee any outcome of any kind. 

We will attempt, via various activities, including requesting you, to grow this network by recommending people who you feel can add value to ThePeopleVillage. That doesn’t mean there is a guarantee of a minimum or maximum number of members, or that any member is bound to do any activity at all. 

As a group, we make it vibrant. TPV am just responsible for building and keeping the group going with certain rules that we deem fit, to keeping out stuff that isn’t pertinent to my idea of business networking. 

Cheers, and welcome once again. I hope that together, all of us can provide value to at least a few people on the platform

Start your application process, right away.